Microaggression of the Day (MOTD)

Me and my fiancé decide to take the last metro north train out to get home faster. For context, mostly affluent white people take the Metro North in and out of NYC. Many times we over hear disdain for the stops in Harlem (125th st.) and Bronx (Fordham Rd.). Here is what we heard Saturday night around 2:00 A.M from a young white man.

“Dude, we’re stopping in Harlem. Harlem?! What for? What the hell can anyone be doing there? At this time of night? Especially there.”

Mind you Harlem has residences, great night life since 1920’s, and you know…people.

Yet the disappointment in his voice disregarded all of that. To him Harlem seemed to be a barren land full of muggers and pickpockets.


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