MOTD: “Ghetto Names”

MOTD experienced by my friend:

“I was working in the mall at [name redacted] when a white girl I work with was talking about dressing mannequins. Let’s call her Becky. She came over to me in the last 5 minutes of my shift.

Becky: “Let’s get Shaniqua, LaQuonda, Mareequa, dressed and put away.”
Sarah: “Excuse me?”
Becky: “I call them all ghetto names like that.”
Sarah: “I have to walk away, before I lose my job.” *walks away*
Becky: “Where are you going? The mannequins need to be dressed.”
Sarah: “I’m off the clock.”

Our names aren’t ghetto, they are lovely African, Swahilian and Arabian names.”

During the 60’s civil rights movement generation had many African Americans converting to Islam partly because of such leaders like Malcolm X and giving their children Arabic/African names.


Thing is that anything and everything a Black person does will be looked at as negative and ghetto.

It’s all really a backlash response towards the fact Black people did not want to conform and redeem some sort of pan-African identity. They are less likely to get jobs and get respected, simply because their name is rooted in a form of rebellion. It’s also a source of self hate for many Black people who have assimilated and think that since they don’t have a “ghetto name”, they are some how better in character overall.


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