MOTD: Not so Micro Aggression

Last night (around 11PM) I saw three kids of color (2 black 1 latino) running down the block and playing with pipes like they were swords.

They went down the street and I heard a pipe drop. The kids runs up my street and goes back to see if someone is still there. I hear man yell “GET DOWN HERE. COME DOWN HERE!”

The voice was a white male Fordham student who runs back up the block after the kids and screams “LITTLE NIGGERS”.

I froze as I see his hate filled face grill the kids. The kids run back up to him and egg him on. I tell them to run and get out of here. They do and he takes off after one. Still screaming “LITTLE NIGGERS”.

They get away and he keeps screaming his racial slurs. He sees me and I yell at him. He says:

“They are niggers and gonna grow up to be criminals.”

I yell back:

“Before today you already thought they were niggers anyway. It wouldn’t matter”

He yells back:

“Get your little niggers!”

He rushes back up the street with his white Fordham fellow college students. As they stand there dumbfounded.

I go in my house and cry.


One thought on “MOTD: Not so Micro Aggression

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