Taking A Honest Look With Whooping Our Kids

Listen. If you can’t solve conflict and come up with a resolution with a child acting out. You don’t need kids really because you not there yet.

Most times, looking back, I got beat out of anger and frustration of the adult. Not because they wanted to teach me any good values of self control.

Some people got whooped and didn’t turn out just fine; and you know it.

Talking to your child sternly is not “negotiating” with the child. It doesn’t take away from your adulthood and if you don’t think that listening to your child for a hot second is anyway doable, then again, you don’t need kids.

Whoopings have never been correlated with good behavior.

I get it, some children just go buck wild and start getting violent, but you don’t need to beat the hell out of them to stop. That much force should not be needed from an adult.

Most children that act buck wild with whooping parents usually got some stuff going on with them. How about we address the home environment that causes this behavior?

If you look forward to hitting your kids. You have problems you need to address. Simple as that. Slave masters looked forward to beating new slaves. Lets not share that sentiment.

Black people, let’s start loving our kids more. Discipline comes in many forms. Sports, academics, privilege restriction, etc. You can teach kids control while showing them how to achieve that without beating them with objects.

And don’t you dare bring up that scripture “spare the rod”, to justify anything concerning abuse. The Bible also encourages slavery and that rapists marry their rape victims in the same Old Testament. So no. Not applicable.


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