MOTD: Gym Harassment

There are many articles out about how women don’t weight lift because they “fear looking like a man”. This is true for some, but then the ones who do weight train almost always face harassment by other men in the weight area. Like this morning I hear this in a middle of my bicep curls.

“Yea work those biceps sweetheart.”

I’m trying to be more assertive about living freely. So when I face gym harassment by muscle headed ashy-cornball-ass-nobodies (“I can show you better form”, “I’m a personal trainer, we should have personal sessions”, “Don’t shed all that off”) I bluntly cut them off with a swift “I’m only here to work out and leave. I don’t want to talk to you.”

If that’s considered not being nice, then fuck being nice. I just want to live.  That’s not up for negotiation.


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