The Space Program for Niggas: A Syllabus

So listening to that new Tribe (the namesake of this blog is from them), and the first track (The Space Program) inspired me to give a syllabus based on the lyrics references.

“It’s time to go left and not right
Gotta get it together forever
Gotta get it together for brothers
Gotta get it together for sisters…”

“Let’s make something happen”

Revolutionary Hope: A Conversation Between James Baldwin and Audre Lorde

“It always seems the poorest persons are people forsaken, dawg”

“They’d rather see we in a three-by-three structure with many bars”

Are Prison’s Obsolete? – Angela Davis

“Leave us where we are so they can play among the stars
We’re taking off to Mars, got the space vessels overflowing
What, you think they want us there? All us niggas not going”

“Caroline ain’t nothing finer than a Black woman who climbs
To the top of the State building”

“This Flag Comes Down Today”: Bree Newsome Scales SC Capitol Flagpole, Takes Down Confederate Flag

“Now, people on top of people, feels like we can’t breathe”

Black Lives Matter Syllabus

“There ain’t a space program for niggas”

Your Brief And Far-Out Guide To Afrofuturism


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