I am woman of African descent in the U.S.

In 2010 I started a journey. November, of that year, I cut all my chemically processed hair and looked at myself in the mirror in happiness. After that day I began to accept parts of myself denied to me in many ways for years. My hair, my skin, my critical thoughts, my sexuality, my spirit, my community. I began to question everything. So this is a space where I will share my found answers, other’s answers, pose more questions, and useful information.

This blog is a space for freedom/love movements. This is not a space for bigotry, indifference, or intolerance.

Everything I post is not end all be all. I am not always right and never will be. I might even offend some of you. I’m alright with that. Making people uncomfortable is not always a bad thing. Trust, I do fact check my information. Normally from several sources. As a former statistician, I know how annoying skewed information is and how much harm it can cause.

My hope is that I spread information, help others question, and hopefully assist movements through my information activism.

As my favorite hip-hop group, “A Tribe Called Quest“, famous album Midnight Marauders explained:

“The word maraud means to loot; in this case, we maraud for ears.”