What is MOTD?

MOTD is Microaggression of the day.


I decided that I’d post the ones I experience (and sometimes others I know) as mainly an outlet for the moments I feel anger and frustration.

Another great project that curates many more of these instances: http://www.microaggressions.com/

Search the MOTD Category for MOTD posts on this blog.



2 thoughts on “What is MOTD?

  1. 1. Thank you for having the wisdom and courage to create this space.
    2. Thank you for turning me on to the concept of micro-aggression… and for sensitizing me to reality of the countless micro-aggressions that occur each and every day.
    3. Thank you for inspiring me to banish every micro-aggressive thought, word, and action from my own house.
    4. Please do continue to nurture and share this vitally important project.

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